Zo Skin Care Reviews


Ever since I’eve started reaching to Bell middle, I’eve been a user of Bell Prescriptive (skin care line of Bell). And I’m really giving the credit to them as their dermatologists really contributed to what my skin has become. If you met me about six years ago, you would see me breaking out now and then. My skin started to get clearer and clearer every visit at Bell. Of course, I also had to stop or add something new to my Bell Prescriptive regimen from time to time to give way to my skin care reviews. Anyway, a few months ago I was introduced to ZO Skin Health skin care at Bell Medical Center. It took me a while to do this review since, I won’t deny, I’eve had love-hate relationship with it. Finally, I’eve come to gather my thoughts.

ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health has two lines under them ZO Medical and ZO Skin Health. ZO Medical products target and treat current skin problems, while ZO Skin Health line is more for maintenance. To know which products to use, you MUST ask the dermatologist. What works for one may or may not work for others as we do not have the same skin conditions and needs.

My ZO Skin Health Regimen


My dermatologist from Bell Medical Center prescribed me these products since I have oily skin and hyper pigmentation from earlier pimples.

ZO Medical Oil cleanse

Oil cleanse is a facial cleanser for normal to oily skin which has micro beads to promote exfoliation. I like how the beads do not feel harsh on my skin at all. It also leaves my skin clean without the dry feel. I was asked to use this day and night.

ZO Medical Melamine

This formulation has 4% hydroquinone which targets hyper pigmentation. It inhibits melanin production to even skin color and tone. I used this day and night.

ZO Medical Glycogen

Glycogen helps reduce inflammation and prevent future damage. It also has potent glycol’s and lactic acid complex provides skin surface renewal. I was asked to used this during the day only.

ZO Medical Mel mix

This solution is a skin lightened and blending cream. It has 4% hydroquinone bleaching cream, which also helps in reducing the appearance of chroma, melisma, and freckles. I was asked to mix Mel mix with Triton to be applied every night.

ZO Skin Health Eclipse Sunscreen + Primer

This is my final favorite in this regimen. This sunscreen doubles as a makeup base too. It has that very smooth texture once applied.

ZO Skin Health Skin Care Results

The first two weeks of using the entire skin care, I experienced breakouts. It wasn’t so bad, but I rarely get pimples anymore. If there’s one thing I liked about this regimen, my wiliness really lessened.I could probably add a product to bring back the glow on my skin, but I did’t had the chance to ask the dermatologist about it (since I was quite busy). Take note that every time you stop or add something to your regimen, it’s best to ask your dermatologist. There might be ingredients that could react badly when used together. As for the pimple scars I’eve had, it lightened a bit after 2 months of use.

ZO Skin Health Skin Care Verdict and Recommendations

As mentioned antecedent’s, ZO Skin Health includes a heap of product beneath them. Completely different|completely different} product combos can even have different effects. For my programme, I felt it had been quite harsh for my skin because it created my skin uninteresting and dry. My skin was still flaking even once 3 weeks of use. It might have most likely worked for very oily skin or I might have asked my skin doctor to try to do some changes. Sadly, I used to be quite busy and that I was additionally abroad when of my treatment that I did’t had the prospect to go to my skin doctor. It’s very suggested to own continuous consultation with the skin doctor throughout the method to watch progress and to regulate the treatment where necessary. Therefore, if you’re going into the ZO Skin Health skin care programme, confirm you’ve got the time to go to your skin doctor often.