Vitamins That Help Acne


Vitamin E is the key to the beauty of women’s skin. But did Minasan know that vitamin E can also cause acne becomes more severe, especially on sensitive and oily skin types? It could be a debate whether vitamin E should be consumed for people who have acne prone skin or not. Then how the solution?

The discovery of Vitamin E

Vitamin E began to be discovered in 1922 at the time of Dr. H.M. Evans did research on rat fetuses. In the rat fetus there is a substance that serves to keep the fetus alive. Since then, the substance is referred to as vitamin E which is better known as a vitamin to prevent infertility. Only after the emergence of many studies found a variety of benefits of vitamin E on the skin.

Vitamin E As Antioxidant


As a natural antioxidant, vitamin E has also been shown to cure acne more quickly. Keep in mind, that antioxidants in vitamin E work very well when combined with other antioxidants such as antioxidants found in vitamin C, vitamin A, and selenium. So it is very important for Minasan who has oily skin and acne to consume foods with complete vitamin content at the same time. In vitamin A, antioxidants are able to kill bacteria and help reduce excess oil production. While the antioxidants in vitamin C acts as an anti-bacterial and accelerate the process of wound healing.

Dosage Required

Another thing that must be considered is the dose of vitamin E required by our skin type. If Minasan buys vitamin E supplements, definitely see a number followed by the word “IU”. IU (Interntational Units) is a unit used to measure how high vitamin E content in every one soft gel of vitamin E. If the type of skin Minasan is oily and acne, then the dose required for consumption is 100-200 IU. In addition to attention to skin type, vitamin E dose is also determined by our outdoor activities and our age. Because the longer we are exposed to sunlight, then the required dose is also higher. Similarly, if age increases, the required dose of vitamin E is also becoming more.

Keep in mind, taking too much vitamin E in addition to causing excess oil production can also cause health problems. This is a good warning to oily skin owners, normal skin, and dry skin. Adverse effects caused when consuming too much vitamin E over long periods of time cause diarrhea, vision problems, headaches, nausea, and body weakness, resulting in bone fragility. Therefore, consumption of vitamin E supplements is not recommended beyond 400 IU.

Natural Vitamin E Sources

If Minasan is hesitant to consume vitamin E supplements, try to consume vitamin E derived from foods such as vegetables and fruits. We may have heard the prohibition from parents not to eat too much bean because it can cause acne. The reason it makes sense, because the highest vitamin E content lies in nuts and seeds. So choose foods with vitamin E content that is not too high such as broccoli, radish, papaya, tomatoes, asparagus, bell peppers, basil leaves and so on.