Sunscreen For Acne Prone Skin


Having a bright and healthy facial skin is certainly a dream of every woman. However, continuous exposure to sunlight can be an obstacle to make it happen.

The impact was not only sunburn skin effect, but also dull face, black spots to wrinkles. For those of you who work outdoors, of course sun exposure is difficult to avoid. However, it can be reduced or prevented by the use of sunscreen or sunblock.

There are many brands that remove sunscreen with various formulations now. Starting from water-based and oil, with various types of SPF that many choices. Then, how to choose the right product for your skin type?

dr. Gloria Novelita Sp.KK,., Said the selection of sunblock actually needs to be adjusted to the skin type and activity of a person. For example, you are the owner of oily skin and acne, should avoid sunblock selection with high SPF to SPF 50.

Sunblock is generally oil-based, then formulated with high SPF will actually make the facial skin condition worse. Instead of having healthy skin, just another skin problem like blackheads will aggravate the condition of your face.


For the acne-faced owner, Gloria suggests choosing sunblock with a liquid formulation so it’s more comfortable to wear and non-sticky for oily skin. For everyday use, SPF 15 or 25 is enough to protect the face.

But different again if you get pimples and want to Bali, it may use SPF 50, but do not for daily. Actually more depends on the activity. Different activities, different types of sunblock that needs to be worn. For those of you who are only in an air conditioned room, wearing a sunblock with a base oil is recommended for dry skin. While SPF is recommended enough SPF 15. As for women who are active in the field, you should select liquid formulation with SPF 30 so that the skin is protected properly from direct sun exposure.