Radiant Skin Care Products


Face Care is a daily routine mandatory for every woman. From the simplest things like cleaning the face actually we’ve done skin care rituals. But please note the selection of types, brands and skin care products should not be selected origin. The first thing to know is the type or type of our facial skin first – be it dry skin type, oily skin or combination skin – normal. The second thing is no less important is to know the yardstick of your age, because different facial care products have different reactions also in certain age groups. Only then can we determine which skin care products are suitable for our skin.

Ritual or skin care products are sometimes confusing, this is because of the many types of products that exist, especially for those who are lay facial terminology. Terms such as toner, essence, emulsion, serum or moisturizer are common, but most women confuse the stages of use or even the benefits of each of the facial care stages. Actually each stage is very important and has special benefits for treating our facial skin from various problems, whether it is from within our own skin such as oil, dead skin cells or dryness or even from external conditions such as pollution, dust, free radicals and exposure to UV rays which can damage our skin and cause facial skin to become dull, old and wrinkled quickly.

The first stage of skin care that should be considered and most important is facial cleanser or facial wash. Our daily activities are filled with things that can aggravate the skin condition, such as the buildup of dust on the facial skin that if not properly cleaned will enter and clog the pores and cause acne. Another consequence is air pollution that can cause our skin more quickly ‘dead’ and aging. So it is important to clean the face properly in the morning when you wake up and night after the activity. Do not step on this facial care routine even if you are not outdoors, because the dust and dirt still fly even though not invisible!

The next facial treatment step is the use of toner as a second skin care step after facial cleanser. Dirt on the pores of the face will be lifted by using a cleanser, other than that generally the skin will feel tight (dry), this is a natural thing. This is a toner skin ritual is one of the very important skin care ritual, because toner is useful to control the dry skin so that the pH levels in the skin become normal again. Toner is also useful to shrink the pores of the skin that had been a den of dust and dirt (before cleaning). Other benefits of toner include moisturizing and refreshing our skin.

After having clean and toned skin, insert the use of serum in your skin care night rituals. Serum generally contains only 3-5 active ingredients that serve to specifically address certain problems on the skin. Some examples of serum types are to whiten the face naturally, remove dark spots, overcome wrinkles, and more. Please identify what your skin really needs and use one serum skin care that suits your skin needs.


If you decide not to need serum in your skin care routine, you can switch to Essence. The difference between serum and Essence is essence content which is generally lighter than serum and can be said as a combination of serum with a multi-functional moisturizer. Same with serum, essence also has some desired facial treatment options such as whitening the face, removing spots or black spots, and so on.

The last stage of facial treatment is the use of moisturizer or night cream. The function of night cream is to lock all skin care regimens that you have previously undergone. This is the key to get a supple, moist and shiny skin so you look young and firm.

Other skin care is also no less important is the day cream – generally this one contains SPF is important to maintain our skin health from the dangers of exposure to UV sunlight. Use day cream after toner use in the morning. You can also use eye cream as a skin care ritual at night, especially useful for those of you who want to keep the elasticity around the eyes are not sagging, or use a special eye cream to cope with dark circles.

Other skin care categories such as masks are useful to provide additional nutrients in the skin, use a mask on a regular basis and see your facial skin changes quickly! This is because the mask is used for 20-30 minutes in the face and very quickly absorbs into the skin layer. Choose a variety of masks with special benefits such as whitening, anti-aging, acne, or various other skin needs.

The signs of aging like dry skin, dull, rough, and arise black spots and black spots can make you worry look older than your age. Get our choice of care products such as SK-II, Re-Gen, Moreish or Dr Jart + from Korea.

Skin problems that arise in the skin can be triggered by many factors, including because of the influence of UV radiation either caused by exposure to sunlight or even the simple problem of spending too much time in air-conditioned rooms.

Exposure to sunlight can cause dry skin due to loss of skin moisture. In addition UV radiation triggers the emergence of dark spots on the skin. But the most serious danger of UV rays is the risk of skin cancer.

Perfect Beauty provides a wide range of skin care and skin care products that always provide solutions for every type and type of your skin. For those of you who have oily skin and acne some brands you might be able to lyric are Cetaphil, Activa, and Niobe.

To overcome this, of course we need to provide maximum protection against the skin from sun exposure with the right skin care products. One form of skin protection that we can do is to use sunscreen (sunblock), especially if you want to move outside the home. Choose sunblock with SPF tailored to your skin needs.