Primer For Acne Scars


After stubborn acne successfully overcome, then turn acne scars that become the problem. Acne scars make your skin look dull. You too will be less confident again if you have to attend an important event with a face full of acne spots.
There are many ways to remove acne blemishes. But you can not do it in a few days. Therefore, you should master the makeup trick to disguise acne scars, yes.

Use the Primary Face in Step One

What is a primary face?

Primary Face is a cosmetic product that serves to flatten skin color, disguise acne spots and black spots, and make makeup more durable. Lots of primary face brands that circulate in the market. You just have to choose it according to your skin color and type. Use the primary face evenly before you use the foundation.

Choose Free Fat Foundation


The best type of foundation for acne-prone faces is a fat-free foundation. You can choose a liquid or solid textured foundation variant as your makeup base. After applying moisturizer and face primer on the face, you can start using the foundation evenly. Do not let any parts of face and neck that escape from your foundation.

Complete with Concealer

Concealer is a product created specifically to disguise acne blemishes and flatten skin color. The shape is very varied, some are solid and liquid. The use of concealer is not required by all parts of the face, but only on the stains of acne only. If you can choose the right concealer color, then your skin will still look natural with acne blemishes that successfully disguised.

Lastly, Do not Forget the Powder

Perfect your makeup with the right kind of powder. Quality powder will not clog the pores of the face so it will not cause acne in the future. Brush powder thinly while patting to make your makeup look natural.

There will be no more stories about you who are shy about acne blemish if you have mastered the right makeup technique. Stylish with special makeup on a special day, your looks will mesmerize everyone around you.