Peel Off Face Mask For Acne


Every woman has problems on different faces. Starting from acne, dull and rough skin.

To overcome these skin problems, not only treat it by washing your face or using creams only. Treatment with a facial mask needs to be done to get a healthy face.

As the following recommendations three face masks to overcome the problem of acne, dull and rough skin.

  • Tea Tree Face Mask, The Body Shop

From ancient times, natural ingredients such as tea tree oil is believed to treat acne, because it contains anti-bacterial material. One of the tea tree products that effectively cure the problem of acne is a face mask from The Body Shop, namely ‘Tea Tree Face Mask’.

This cold face mask can not only overcome acne, but also can absorb excess oil, as well as soothing inflamed acne. In addition it can fade acne scars. ‘Tea Tree Face Mask’ can be found at The Body Shop outlet.

  • Light Peel-Off Mask, Garnier

Light Peel-Off Mask is a mask that does not need to be mixed with water. The texture is gel-like and will dry out within 15 minutes. This Garnier mask contains lemon extract and vitamin C. The contents make Garnier ‘Light Peel-Off Mask’ can help lift dead skin cells, make the face feel soft, look brighter, cleaner and fresher. Garnier ‘Light Peel-Off Mask’ comes in sachet packaging at an affordable price. Can be found in cosmetics stores and already scattered in other large supermarkets.

  • White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask, Shiseido

White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask’ is a mask from Shiseido that can help combat skin problems. This mask will brighten the face and provide skin moisture, thanks to its vitamin C content and natural ingredients. This mask quickly seeps into the skin, so it works faster to repair the skin.