Nail Polish Peels Off


Painting nails become one of the routines that women do to beautify appearance. But unfortunately, painting the nails takes time not for a while because the drying process takes quite a long time.

On this basis Sephora took the brand of nail care from Germany, Alessandro to release a dry nail polish called Striplac. This nail polish comes in a set of products consisting of a nail buffer, a base coat that also serves as a top coat, a nail polish, a cuticle brush, and an LED light. Of all the equipment, LED light is the one that has an important role to make nails dry faster.

“Striplac is fast dry because there are LED lights that make the nails dry faster Nail polish is easy to be cleaned by peeling, so no need to use nail remover again.For those you do not have long time to decorate nails,

How to use Striplac fairly easy and short. First apply a base coat to the nail, then insert the finger into the LED light that will work dry the nails quickly in just one minute.

After that apply nail polish until evenly and re-enter the finger into the LED light for one minute. Dozens of nail polish can be done again if the color is not produced as expected. The last stage is to apply a base coat that also serves as a top coat to make the nail more shiny then dry back into the LED light.


Katherine, based in Singapore, explained that this nail polish has a lifetime of up to 10 days and can be peeled off after two days of use. Unfortunately, this peel-off nail polish can not be applied to toenails due to the difference in nail structure between the legs and hands.