Most Expensive Nail Polish


Nail polish has a variety of colors. Can even be modified with a unique image to nail more beautiful. Nail polish can be found easily and the price is also affordable.

Various brands of nail polish come with their own specialties. Usually the nail polish price is not more than US $ 50

It turns out the nail polish for US $ 50 is less special for nail polish manufacturers. Until, present nail polish reaches US $ 250,000. Nail polish with a fantastic price that comes from the Azatur brand.

Azatur is a nail polish that contains 267 carats of black diamond in the paint of his nails. Brand nail polish is claimed, nail polish is the most luxurious and the most expensive nail polish in the world.

However, Azature offers a cheaper version. With a price of US $ 25, consumers can get nail polish that contains a black diamond, although only slightly. The fancy nail polish was sold in a retailer, Fred Segal.


Previously, also present nail polish for US $ 125,000. Exclusive nail polish called ‘Models Own’ the formula does not contain gold. However, the tube is decorated with 1,118 diamonds.