Laser Hair Removal For African American Skin


For women, one that is considered to interfere with beauty is a hair that grows in the body. Can be in the armpits, legs, arms, even in the face! Actually, many methods of hair removal can be done such as sheared, waxed, or with cream. But the three ways are troublesome because the hair will grow back. Now there is a permanent method that is with laser hair removal. With this method, unwanted hair can go on forever. But besides the cost is not cheap, laser hair removal method also has a positive and negative side. Let’s examine one by one.
How to Technically Eliminate Fur with Lasers?
Technically removing feathers with lasers is to expose hot technology in laser form to the inside of hair and roots, so that the follicles die and will not produce hair again. This method has been applied to many women, especially in America. In Indonesia too, has many outlets that provide permanent hair removal services, and this method is fairly safe to date.
Counter Counter Fur with Laser
1. Not as painful as doing waxing or shaving.
2. There is no need to have regular hair removal sessions, because the hair will not grow back any time soon.
3. Can directly remove feathers in large areas, such as the back or leg area.
4. The laser method is fairly safe when done correctly.
1. It is much more expensive than the usual hair removal procedure.
2. For some cases, hair can grow back, but within a period of 1-2 years. Depending on the condition of each skin.
3. This laser targets on melanin (the pigment that gives color to the skin and hair), people with dark hair melanin is more successful with laser method than people with bright hair color.