How To Get Rid Of Hormonal Acne


Everyone who experiences acne is affected by several factors, one of them being hormones. Acne because the hormone usually appears when the hormone levels are not balanced from within the body. This unbalanced hormone causes secretion of the oil and fat glands of the skin.

Acne due to hormones is common in puberty. At puberty, the hormone libido will increase and cause acne. In addition, acne due to hormones are also usually experienced in adult women as occurs in the causes of acne during menstruation, pregnancy, birth control pills and stress. But not all women who have menstruation experience acne because it depends on the stability of the hormone itself.

The characteristics of acne due to hormones can be known as follows:

  • Appears at the age of 13-17 years during adolescence or puberty
  • For women, this acne appears on the eve of menstruation, pregnancy and before menopause.
  • Acne is hard to remove with acne medication in general.

Treatment of acne due to hormones not only with hormone-controlled drugs alone but must be balanced with a nutritious diet. Because nutritious food will affect the hormone.

How to overcome the problem of acne because of this hormone disorder, there are several steps that can be tried:


Avoid Junk Food

Junk food contains high salt that should be avoided for people with hormonal acne, for example on the cause of acne after childbirth. Research shows that fast food has a relationship with acne. In addition, soft drinks and foods that contain high sugar and sodium can also trigger the growth of this acne.

Insulin production in the body because the food and drinks are increased so that metabolism will also increase and trigger the growth of acne.

  • Consuming Green Tea contains a powerful anti-oxidant to reduce strangulation. Skin irritation and wrinkle skin. Green tea can be taken 3-4 glasses a day. In addition to drink, green tea can also be used as a mask for acne facial treatment. How to make it too easy:
  • Combine green tea with honey and sugar and then apply to face
  • Massage for 2 minutes in a clockwise direction

Do it in some time, then rinse thoroughly

Taking Probiotics contain good bacteria that help the body absorb nutrients so beneficial to boost the immune system. Robotics are useful for balancing the bacteria from the body, then this will control the production of sebum that can cause acne.

Consult a Doctor

If the acne is naturally severe, may not be able to solve itself, better try to be consulted to the doctor. The doctor will provide the appropriate treatment and prescription with acne in pain.

But this is enough rest, sleep eight hours a day and multiply drinking water and also drink vitamins to reduce acne caused by these hormones. In addition, change your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle that diligent exercise and not too stressful.

Prevention from Yourself

If you’ve done some steps above, how to get rid of acne is also done from yourself is to keep the surrounding environment clean. Replace blankets, bolster pillows, towels used periodically. Then clean the face at least twice a day in the morning and before bedtime, or after a move that causes dirty facial skin. Also prepare acne remedies containing benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid to treat acne, if needed.