How To Cure Hormonal Acne


Factors causing acne on the skin is very diverse. One is the acne that comes due to hormones. Hormones in the body work to become carriers of information between one organ to another organ. As the age of the hormone becomes more active so that both men and women slowly the reproductive system begins to function.

Besides activating the hormonal reproductive system also alters some of the performance of organs in the body such as oil glands that become more active and this results in very greasy facial skin once. And this happens is usually influenced by several factors. Here are some factors that cause acne that arises due to hormones include:

  • Loss

The first factor becomes the cause of the onset of acne because the hormone is genetic. Genetic factors occur because of the same blood relation from father and mother. So when mom and dad once have a history of acne, it will also be inherited by their child and more at risk than a child who does not have a genetic history of his or her parents on acne problems.

  • Bacteria

The second factor of the onset of acne due to hormones is the bacteria that cause acne. The name of the bacteria that causes acne is Propionibacterium acnes. This bacterium lives on the upper skin and is happy with the skin is not maintained clean. If the bacteria is already involved with acne on the skin, acne can fester and spread to other skin more quickly.

  • Stress

The third factor is stress related to the condition of one’s soul. Some causes of stress can occur due to economic times and a lot of work load. Stress makes the skin produce more oil glands than usual. And of course this can cause the pores on the face to become clogged so it is good to try to avoid stress and manage the stress you are experiencing.

  • Excessive oil production

The four factors that cause acne due to hormone oil is produced by the skin that aims to moisturize the skin. However, because too much facial skin can be very oily and increase the risk of acne growing on the face.

  • Dust

Last factor cause of acne is sebu scattered on air. Dust is easy to find anywhere both inside and outside the room. But the dust that sticks to the face has a risk to cover the pores on the face and bring up acne.

  • Handling

Acne on the face can be overcome in the right way by applying this good habit, will help make facial skin good. Here are ways to overcome acne because of hormones include the following:

Cleans the face twice a day

How to deal with acne because the first hormone is to clean the face twice a day. A cleansed face will wipe out excessive dust and oil on the face. It’s good if the skin is acne is not too often to clean it. Because excessive facial cleansing can lead to dry face and to overcome this skin producing oil glands in excess. So it’s good to clean face in the morning and evening only.

Select the right product

Clean your face by using a cleaning product that suits your skin type. Before buying a product it is better to see the content contained in the product and also note the time out of a product. The right product is the second way to deal with acne due to hormones. Cleaning products for facial acne choose that does not make the face become dry after washing the face. But products that make skin still feel oily but clean.

Reduce foods with fat

How to cope with acne because the third hormone is to reduce food. Foods that are mandatory to reduce openly avoided are foods with fatty acids. High-fat foods make facial skin oil excessive. But on the one hand avoid fatty foods are also not good because the fat is still needed by the body. Here should be set doses just do not be too excessive. Examples of foods with high fat content are foods with the content of coconut milk, offal and junk food.

Drinking water

Research states that drinking water is also effective to help overcome acne because of hormones in your face. Drinking water is recommended as much as delapam glasses each day. Water helps to moisturize the skin and release toxins from the body gradually through the urine. Water is also known as water doctor because the benefits of this water is very good for health because it does not contain any chemicals. So do not hesitate to drink enough water to get skin free of acne.

Get enough sleep

How to deal with acne due to the seventh hormone is to sleep enough. Sleep is required by the body to rest all limbs after a day’s activities. Also sleep at night is the right thing for the skin to regenerate. Skin regeneration has the understanding that the skin undergoes a dead skin interruption with new skin cells.

And the most effective hour for skin regeneration is ten o’clock at night, it’s good before this hour you are in a state of sleep. Agara skin regeneration process can work optimally and it is able to overcome acne and acne scars found on your skin.


Exercise is an activity that involves the physical to move. Exercise can help smooth blood circulation in the body. By doing regular exercise can make the body become healthy and look younger. Sports that you can do can be tailored to your hobby. For example cycling, swimming, running and tread mill. If you are lazy to exercise alone now there are already many gyms that offer ease in exercising because there are various tools that you can use. Plus there are also instructors who will help you if you have difficulty in doing fitness. So there is no longer a term to lazy to exercise to get a healthy body and skin.

Eat fruit

How to cope with acne because of the eighth hormone is to eat fruit. Fruits contain antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E are good for providing nutrients for the skin. In addition, the fruit also helps nourish the digestive system in the body. Consumption of fruit you can do an hour before eating or one hour after eating. This time is the right time to consume fruits.

To avoid boredom in eating fruits regularly, you can make juice, fruit soup and mix the fruit with other fruits so it tastes better and delicious. But in making fruit soup and fruit mixture choose a way that can provide health to the body.