How To Cover Up Acne With Makeup


Acne-prone skin is the least desirable of any woman. Every woman must expect that they have normal skin without any disturbing problems. But ignorance and lack of attention to facial skin health is often a cause of acne problem.

For a career woman looking beautiful and fresh is a necessity, to support the appearance of makeup is very difficult to separate in everyday life, no matter how the skin condition of your face. Although the face full of acne, you should still look beautiful. And you need to find a solution to stay beautiful even under any circumstances. Therefore for those of you who want to keep wearing makeup natural way to cover the acne is important so you can stay beautiful despite breakouts.

Acne is very disturbing especially when you are in important situations such as being asked to appear in front of the seminar or when going to a presentation. It is impossible you can get rid of acne in an instant like acne drug ads on television. Therefore you need fantastic tips to cover your acne. Makeup tips will make a big difference to the face so that your face looks smooth like without acne.

You can try tips from Julianne Kaye one of Hollywood artist makeup to cover acne on her artist client. “Covering acne is not just by focusing the use of concealer at your acne point,” says Julianne Kaye.

Jullanne Kaye says “Covering acne is not just by focusing Well you use your makeup base from the primer, foundation, and other products or with plain uneven skin, apply the powder first at the point of your acne. Just afterwards apply your favorite concealer at this acne point. Then do not forget to blend the concealer evenly and coat it back with powder on your entire face. This he understanding, the powder that you apply first on your acne will absorb all the oil on the surface of acne and surrounding areas. So the concealer can stick longer on the skin.


Once you know Julianne Kaye tips in masking the acne of her Hollywood artist client. You need to follow some ways you can follow to make your natural makeup can produce maximum performance. Here are some ways you can follow:

  1. Foundation
    When choosing foundation. Choose a foundation that matches your skin color to make the resulting makeup look natural. To apply it to the face, you can use a makeup sponge or finger, but keep in mind that you must be careful not to make your foundation too thick.
  2. Concelar
    Make sure you choose the right concelear according to your skin type. Oily skin type is very suitable with the type of concelear made from minerals, while dry skin is compatible with liquid type concelear. Concelear has a function to cover black stains on the face like acne, acne scars blemishes, and even black spots on the face.
  3. Powder
    For those of you who have acne prone skin for make up choose a powder instead of a solid powder because the powder has a better excess in absorbing oil on the face. Being a solid powder can cause acne become more severe because this type of powder has more oil content. For the application you can flatten the powder all over your face and neck. Brush thinly to make it more natural.
  4. Avoid blush on
    The use of blush on is not recommended for acne face because it can aggravate your acne even though blush on make you look fresh and make the face more blushing. In addition to blush on, bronzer is also a makeup tool that you should avoid because the bronzer contains light particles that will clog pores and make your acne more severe.
  5. Use a face spray
    Face spray has a function make make up can last longer.
  6. Clean the face perfectly
    Clean your face regularly every time out and before sleeping so you avoid acne that stubborn.
  7. Consult a doctor
    If you have acne that does not heal, you should consult your doctor confidence to get treatment. Because if wrong in the treatment, acne will be fatal to the beauty of your own skin.