Green Concealer For Acne


The main problem for the undereye is to keep the concealer from creasing. Know yourself right, under our eyes besides there are usually dark circles there are also fine lines and wrinkles. Well, if the texture is too thick concealer, usually will accumulate under the eyes and instead accentuate the fine lines. Moreover, the concealer is too thick also prone to cracking because the area under our eyes often move. Choose liquid concealer with light texture but still can disguise undereye like Maybelline Fit Me Concealer or Revlon Colorstay Concealer.

To cover the acne, you can just use a concealer with a rather thick texture like NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer or NYX Full Coverage Concealer. In order to concealer more able to stick and cover the acne perfectly, can also add a primer first so that the area to be concealer so finer surface.

The selection of the color itself actually depends on how severe the condition of your undereye and acne. If you undereye not too dark, use concealer without corrector just is enough. But in some cases, need a color-correcting concealer or corrector so that the dark color can be disguised to the maximum.

If your undereye tends to be dark, before you can use orange corrector first to counter the purplish blue color under the eyes. Next, add a leather concealer that is level or two levels brighter than your skin color on it.

While acne, you can neutralize redness using a green corrector. No need to apply thick-thick on acne, but at least can disguise a little reddish stain. After that, use a concealer that matches the color of the skin (or a darker level) and then you’re good to go! At least a few tips from me, apply his concealer by way of a bottle in the spot of acne. Let stand for 1 or two minutes, let it sit for a while, then just blending it with a sponge or finger. The concealer will be more durable!