Get Rid Of Adult Acne


acne usually thrives during adolescence or through puberty. So why is acne still feel at home when you’re past the two heads?

The causes of acne are oily face, bacteria, hormonal changes due to pregnancy and menstruation, smoking habits, and heredity. Some of the factors that cause adult acne are stress and foods like chocolate, sugar, and fatty foods.

Basically, there are two types of acne in adults. That is:

  1. Blackheads.

Blackheads form beneath the surface of the skin when oil (sebum) reacts with air in some clogged facial pores. When the pores are completely blocked, a blackhead arises.

Blackheads can be overcome by cleaning the face twice a day using a facial cleanser. Wear warm water and do not rub your face too hard. In addition, limit the excessive use of make-up because it can clog pores.


If you want to dress up, choose the type of oil-free make-up, containing sunblock (sunblock), and does not trigger the occurrence of acne or blackheads.

  1. Acne inflamed or acne stone.

In acne stones, skin follicles clogged very deep beneath the surface of the skin. This acne requires medication in the form of antibiotic pills and facial creams containing retinoids. Avoid scratching, squeezing, or breaking acne stone because it will only aggravate acne and leave scars.

One way to deal with acne is to take birth control pills that are able to control and help block androgen hormones. It is this hormone that triggers more oil production. However, acne can re-decorate the face when you stop taking birth control pills. Therefore, always consult the use of birth control pills to your doctor.

In order for you to prevent the onset of adult acne, avoid the habit of touching the face that can add oil, irritate the skin, and promote bacterial growth. Then, keep oily hair out of facial skin and wear oil-free hair care products. In addition, always treat the skin with extra care. For example, rub your face with your fingertips using a rough facial cleanser and avoid using a face cloth or sponge.