Drugstore Products For Acne Scars


3X Formulation Faster in treating acne, reducing the effect of redness on acne and also shrinking the size of acne. Use also after acne treatment, the effect is able to remove black acne scars and potholes, can also help prevent acne appear again in the future.

Acne remedies and acne scars are a series of special information that we write on this site, aiming to assist you in overcoming acne and scars completely. Indeed before we have a complete review of how to get rid of acne naturally, get rid of acne sand, acne stone to remove acne scars like black spots / blemishes, pockmarks acne scars and others.

Acne itself is a common problem that most people have to face especially teenagers. Acne has many types and various ways of handling. In fact there are also challenges for acne sufferers such as should not squeeze with nails and others that must be obeyed if you do not want acne recover leaving marks such as black spots or even pockmarked acne scars.

Indeed There are several factors causing acne and the incidence of acne scars. For that, you must know what causes them to grow on your face or back. Because this way can also be effective to overcome acne by avoiding the cause.

Causes of Acne, including:

  1.  Hormone changes, Eight out of ten cases of acne often occur in women because women are more likely to experience hormonal changes at certain times, namely when menstruation and pregnancy.
  2. Puberty. This is usually experienced by adolescents.
  3. Side effects of cosmetic use.
  4. Irritation from wearing objects, examples of wearing headbands and backs from routine backpacks.
  5. Addicted to smoking.
  6. Drug side effects.
  7. Stress
  8. Even offspring have a big risk of experiencing the same thing

Then, what’s the reason for black and hollow acne scars adorning your face? The following description of Causes of Acne Scars:

  • Sunlight Exposure
    The first cause that can cause black acne scars is due to exposure to UVA and UVB rays. When you have acne on your face and then you are exposed to sunlight for a long time, then most likely your acne will leave black acne scars.
  • Using the wrong Cosmetics, Medication or Cream of Acne
    The second cause that will make your acne will leave black acne scars is because of the use of cosmetics, medications or acne cream is wrong. Because at the time you apply the use of just call cosmetics on the wrong skin, the skin and acne does not allow to breathe, so the result, is definitely most likely your acne will soon leave black acne scars.
  • Punching Acne
    Effects due to pimples squeezed will cause inflammation in acne because your hands will usually be full of bacteria and the result, black acne scars will certainly soon adorn your face.

How to Treat Acne and Used
To treat acne and scars, some people may have entrusted to drugs sold in pharmacies, there are even most home care done using traditional methods and natural ingredients