Dermaroller For Acne Scars


Acne often leave marks that are very disturbing appearance, usually in the form of black, a bump in the face. Black can disappear in accordance with the cycle of skin turnover, while the lump often lasts years, it is difficult to be removed with a cream of care cream.

Acne scar pits generally occur because of inflamed acne pushed-push, to remove pus inside. Hand-picking is usually a fun fad done, with a dirty hand condition (although it looks clean). This process in addition to causing more severe inflammation, also causes damage to skin tissue, so acne scars become blackened and hollow, or often referred to as acne scar.

There are 3 types of acne scars or scars, namely ice pick, small marks on the surface but deep enough. Rolling type of base-shaped and boxcar type, the base is square like a box.

Dermaroller is the right choice to remove acne scars, chicken pox, or other injuries. Dermaroller is a facial treatment technique using a tool, a small needle needle (micro needle) mounted on a cylinder or roller tool. In the therapeutic process, this tool is run on the surface of the skin to be repaired. Small needles will injure the skin, causing small injuries that are evenly distributed with the same depth, according to the size of the needle roller. The wounds that occur will stimulate the formation of new networks are more healthy and flat. There are several needle sizes, the use of which adjusts the depth of the scar.

Through the wound, serum containing active substance is inserted into the skin surface. This active substance will stimulate the growth of new healthy skin tissue and younger.


Dermaroller is very effective in stimulating the production of collagen, the skin buffer tissue that serves to maintain elasticity and rejuvenate the skin.

Besides beneficial to overcome the hole acne scars, dermaroller has many benefits, namely eliminating black, wrinkles, moisturize, tighten, smooth and brighten the skin, stretch marks, eliminating smallpox scars and surgery. The doctor will make the serum blend according to the expected target.

Treatment with dermaroller is very safe and does not cause significant side effects. Some things that often happen is a reddish day after the dermaroller process.

Dermaroller effects can be felt and seen, approximately weekly, as soon as the dermaroller wound is peeling off. Skin looks healthier, brighter, fades. Scar acne scars are generally complete with 5 times dermaroller done with intervals of 10-14 days.