Ddf Acne Control Treatment


Acne Control Treatment Everyday exposure to air and dust pollution, and the use of inappropriate cosmetics make the skin look unhealthy. In fact, oil and dirt can clog the pores that then cause blackheads and acne.
At age 30 years old complaints on the skin also increases with the stains or black spots, warts, moles, to milia (fat on the surface of the skin). If the number more and more, will certainly be interfere with the appearance.
Now the complaint is one of them can be overcome by treatment electro cauter. With a sterile little needle, a specialist will “burn” or destroy unwanted tissues. No need to worry, as long as done according to the procedure and by the expert doctor, this treatment is safe and only takes a short time. In other words, do the method how to remove black spots on the face and warts with electro cauter treatment.
First, the patient’s face will be cleaned up when analyzing the skin. Then the doctor will apply anesthetic cream on the area to be treated. Takes about 30 minutes until the area is numb.
The electro cauter action is then performed with the help of a small needle on the desired face area. Doctors can do repeatedly until clean. And finish by applying an anti-irritation ointment that should be used every morning and evening after treatment. Do not forget to wear sunscreen during the day to protect the cauterized area from the sun.
Rules to be understood before and after electro cauter care:

  1. Do not use night cream that is peeling less than 5 days after the electro cauter process.
  2. Use an antibiotic cream that is prescribed to speed up the dryness of minor injuries.
  3. Be careful when drying the face so that small wounds do not peel forcibly. Do not scratch so as not to leave any marks of dark color on the skin.
  4. Makeup may be used if the wound has dried in order to prevent secondary infection due to makeup.
  5. Patients are advised to consult a week after the action to see the results of treatment.
  6. Black spots, warts or milia occur mainly due to genetic and age factors. That is, after a few years of cauter action may reappear either in the same place or different.