Best Zinc For Acne


Acne is one of the problems that many people complain about. These acne usually arise in the skin and worsen our appearance. Acne is usually caused by a variety of things. Some of these things are due

dirty face and not cleaned thoroughly,

use of inappropriate makeup,

consume certain foods,

hormonal imbalances that occur, such as the hormone testosterone, in the body trigger an increase in sebum production which then leads to the occlusion of the pores of the skin until eventually the bacteria grow and infect the area.


Bacterial infections and many other causes.

Here I will discuss acne medicine naturally that you can consume without making your body health disturbed

Acne medications, including their care products, are the solutions doctors offer to address this most common skin problem. Unfortunately, prescription medications are not necessarily safe and may have some dangerous side effects. For example, isotretinoin side effects can cause mental disorders in patients. Not to mention the many antibiotics recommended by doctors for acne medicine. But, know how the side effects of antibiotics for the body ?? The most serious and dangerous side effects of antibiotics are the onset of anaphylactic reactions. Anaphylactic reactions are defined as life-threatening type 1 hypersensitivity reactions, arising from reactions of drugs administered internally or orally. About 1500 patients die each year due to anaphylactic reactions in the United States.

Meanwhile, ladies, care products, available at affordable prices on the shelves minimarket until the precious millions of dollars is also not a guarantee to overcome your acne problem. If it does not fit, instead of healing the skin, it worsens.

Well, is there any other alternative that can be tried to deal with acne easily and cheaply? Do not worry ladies, menuruf, some zinc-containing health supplements that you can use as an alternative to overcome the problem of acne.

Zinc Picolinate And Gluconate Natural Acne Medication plays a role in healing and reducing skin inflammation so it can help overcome acne. You can consume Zinc Picolinate And Gluconate to cure your acne.

Working Mechanism of Zinc Picolinate And Gluconate Natural Acne Medication in Eliminating Acne

In addition, the weakening of the immune system is also suppose to be the cause of the appearance of acne. If so, then how to deal with acne that perched on our faces? To overcome the two problems above, namely increased sebum production and weakening of the immune system, then treatment from within is the right step. Consumption of Zinc Picolinate And Gluconate for a drug with the right dosage will accelerate the healing process of acne. Not only can eliminate acne, but treatment with zinc will also accelerate the loss of acne scars plus reduce hair loss and prevent baldness.

In terms of preventing and eliminating acne, Zinc Picolinate And Gluconate plays a role in improving the body’s immune function so that the cells that play a role in the immune process can counteract the occurrence of bacterial infections that cause acne. Zinc is also responsible for maintaining the balance of hormone production, resulting in increased sebum production due to imbalances of hormone production can be prevented and eventually no acne appears. For use from within the body, the recommended dose of zinc is 30 to 135 mg per day.

The role of Zinc Picolinate And Gluconate in the elimination of acne is very complete, because in addition to the role of the body, Zinc Picolinate And Gluconate  can also play a role in its use outside the body or on the skin surface. Zinc Picolinate and Gluconate supplements can be indicated in the acne-induced wound healing process. In fact, acne treatment with Zinc Picolinate and Gluconate Supplements is very beneficial, because zinc can work quickly in wound healing while preventing the occurrence of acne scars.

In this case, zinc has a role in supporting the growth of new skin cells and increase the production of collagen, a type of protein contained in the inner layer of skin that functions in making the skin elastic and smooth.


1 bottle consists of 60 capsule

how to use :

take 1 – 2 capsules per day after meals or according to your doctor or health care professional.

each capsule consists of:

– zinc picolinate …… .. 50mg

– zinc gluconate …… ..50mg

– cuprum gluconate … ..8mg


Storage instructions:

Store in a cool, dry place, away from the reach of children

Manufactured By:

Pharmacore Labs

POM SD 041 316 131

On the basis of the above, the use of supplements Zinc Picolinate and Gluconate Supplements are highly recommended as acne medicine.

It takes about four to six weeks before the acne seems completely resolved by zinc. But this way is far more cost-effective than having to go to a doctor and buy expensive prescription acne medication.

What are you waiting for messages Zinc Picolinate And Gluconate Acne Medication, and do not let acne ruin your life