Best Way To Remove Chin Hair


Most people who are slightly fat and round-faced have fat under the chin or are also often referred to as double chin. This double chin makes the chin look so many times and the neck is invisible.

Do you also have this double chin problem, ladies? Indeed sometimes this condition makes a person, especially women, so lack confidence. But do not worry, because there are several ways to eliminate double chin that you can try at home.

5 Easy Way to Eliminate Double Chin

Double chin can indeed be eliminated with little effort. Here are some easy ways to remove double chin:


1. Fix your Nutrition

Nutrition is very important if you want to remove double chin. Not only will your skin be healthy, a low-calorie diet that keeps you from sugars and other fatty foods will also help stabilize your weight. Being overweight will affect the condition around your face, so consume healthy foods to remove fat in the neck.

2. Expand Drinking Water

Drinking water to avoid dehydration does not sound like a way of eliminating double chin. However, white water is good for stimulating the body’s metabolism and burn fat, including the face and neck. In addition, water is also great for improving skin elasticity, which means it can delay skin aging.

3.Chew Gum

Chewing gum will help the jaw and facial muscles work. Allowing the jaw and facial muscles to exercise will help burn the body fat that causes double chin. Not only that, chewing gum can make facial skin tight.

4.Sit Upright

Sitting upright is one of those habits that can help you eliminate double chin. In addition to making your double chin a bit more invisible, sitting upright helps straighten the jaw muscles that will keep the fat accumulate under the chin. Let’s get used to sitting upright from now on, ladies!

5. Face Sports

Facial exercises will make the facial and jaw muscles work. There are some moves you can try, that is kissing or The Kiss and Neck Roll or Neck Roll.

To perform The Kiss movement, you can follow the following steps:

  • Standing up, move your head upward,
  • Manyunkan lips like will kiss the sky,
  • Hold the position for 5 seconds,
  • Rest your lips and restore the head to its original position,
  • Repeat this movement 15 times each day.

Follow the steps below to remove double chin with neck roll movement:

  • Standing up, bow your head close to the chest,
  • Slowly, turn your head to the right,
  • When the head position looks up, hold up to 5 seconds,
  • Turn the head again until it bends toward the chest slowly,
  • Perform this movement over and over again up to 15 times

How? It’s not difficult not to remove these double chins easily, ladies? Good luck!