Best Teen Acne Treatment


Acne is often the specter of the most hated by many people. Especially for the girls. Although only one red bump, will give a big effect and make your appearance less pleasing to the eye.

Well, for you who want to get rid of acne and do not want to have a trace, you can try these 8 tips. Rdselecciones has summarized some of these good habits for you to practice, for the sake of healthy skin!

1. Squeezing pimples will not make your acne disappear. Acne seeds more and more, acne scars are also left.

Many people want to get rid of acne with various shortcuts. Indeed, shortly after you push-push and matches, the pimples and white fluid will disappear. But, the lump will turn red, you know. White fluid will bring a more severe impact on your face, the seeds of acne in the white liquid will be spread on the other side of your face. Hayo, you prefer to patiently treat 1 acne, or push-push but more and more acne?

2. Keep your nails clean. At any time your hands can accidentally make your acne break and leave marks.


Keeping the nail clean does not have to be diligent to cut it. Frequent cleaning by brushing the inside and outside of the nails is also necessary. This is necessary to keep watch, who knows your hand does not intentionally make your acne break. It hurts, but at least the spread of bacteria can be minimized than when your nails and hands are dirty. The possibility of the spread of acne will be more reduced, acne scars can equally be minimized.

3. Pause your facial schedule when facial acne breaks. Instead of being clean, this way makes your blotch.

When facial conditions are dull, dirty, and more oily, one solution that can be done is with facials. You just slide into your favorite skin care and get treatment. When you get acne, it’s better to postpone your facial schedule. While in the facial process takes place, many are not reluctant to squeeze and force out your acne. Indeed, your acne will disappear, but it will make your skin made dull with increasing acne scars.

4. Immediately take acne medicine before your acne appears and inflamed. Do not wait until reddened.

Not just a gebetan who can give code, code acne will soon be nested in your face can you feel. Usually, you feel a small bump and feel a little bit sore. Well, that’s what you have to pay attention to.

Do not be lazy to give the first treatment in dealing with acne. Use medicines or ointments that your dermatologist recommends. If you handle early, the acne will void to appear. Former acne did not appear too.

5. When acne, too often wash your face will make your skin dry. Scrubbing techniques will also aggravate your acne.

Facial acne has already made bold and uncomfortable. Your appearance is not perfect. Especially if the addition of oily face, wah can make mood dropped twice as much. Usually, people will rush to wash their faces to remove the bad oils.

But, too often wash your face is not good for facial moisture. Your skin may turn dry. Avoid also for scrubbing, because this rather coarse technique can trigger the growth of other acne. The key so that acne does not erupt and leaves no trace is patient and must be painstaking.

6. Patience, you can try the method of compressing using ice cubes. Acne can be deflated, you know!

Kempeskan your acne with the easy goods in the can, ice cubes. Well, one of your wishes to avoid acne scars can manifest nih, girls. How to deal with acne with ice cubes is very easy.


  • Clean your face first. Facial care demands everything hygienic.
  • Put some ice cubes on a washcloth or a small towel. Then wrap
  • Put the small towel over the pimple you want to get rid of.
  • Let stand for one minute. After that take and let stand for 5 minutes.
  • You can repeat this ice cube again.

It will be really cold, but this technique can be tried to get rid of acne and prevent scars, right?

7. If already already have acne scars, never miss to use sunscreen to remove the spots slowly.

Exposure to sunlight will make your acne scars more noticeable. The red, it could turn black. And it will make your appearance so can not maximize. You are advised to diligently wear sunscreen with high SPF. Because the content of niacinamide it can help reduce the redness on your face. If you already have acne scars, never get bored to wear it!

8. Trying to use DIY mask is not recommended. If you are not convinced of the contents, try consulting a dermatologist.

When the acne has started to make you desperate, you start browsing and looking for alternatives to eliminate it. Search results, sometimes referring to some DIY masks that you can make yourself. Written benefits are tempting, one of which can get rid of acne scars. Well, this makes you curious dong.

But, a doctor named Dr. Tzu has done an experiment on one of the homemade mask recipes. Mask from lemon. The results were different than expected. Skin irritation. Well, you must be smart before trying experiments for your body. Because your skin is a valuable thing, you know.

To avoid the risk of harm, and make you more insecure, mending your consultation to a dermatologist. With the experts, you can get the right advice and handled by the right party. You can also ask for prescription drugs to deflare acne, or to get rid of spotty It’s a bit deep pockets, but safer than try, right? Well, that’s some tips you can try to avoid acne scars that chronic. Which one do you want to try?