Best Skin Care Products For Women



South Korea is inexhaustible to innovate in the world of beauty. After the prestige of tissue masks is increasing in Western countries, many people are becoming increasingly interested in the care and products of this Ginseng country. In addition to a tissue mask, what are the products that become mandatory objects of Korean women? following some Korean care products that provide benefits not less good than a tissue mask.

  • Ampoule

Ampoule is normally a small glass container containing material for injection. However, ampoule has a far different utility in Korea. Ampoules are highly concentrated liquids and certain active ingredients that can regenerate, restore, and improve skin. Ampoule is usually packaged in a small bottle because of its considerable active ingredients. It also has another name, ‘beauty boosters’ and its users only need one or two drops every few days to get the most out. The texture of the ampoule is light and slippery so it is more easily absorbed by the skin. For dry skin types, ampoules are strongly recommended because of the benefits that moisturize the skin.

  • Serum

Serum is very similar to ampoule and many beauty brands are issuing both products. The difference lies in the level of concentration of the womb. Serum has a lower level than the ampoule although they look similar in terms of texture. Serum has many benefits depending on what ingredients are the main ingredients in its content. For use, serum may be applied more frequently than ampoule and is usually used after toner.

  • Essence

Another product that can not be missed is essence. Essence has almost the same benefits as serum and ampoules, but with a more fluid texture due to lower density of both products. The majority of the essence forms of fluid, but there is also essence with the gel form and is usually more intended for the treatment of certain areas of the face. The main benefits that essence often have is as a bodyguard other skincare routines as well as to reduce the signs of aging and leveling the skin color. With the benefits that make the face younger, essence touted as a secret face of young Korean women.

  • Toner

Toner is usually used to clean the face as well as close the pores to prepare the skin to the next stage of treatment. In Korea, more toner is used to prepare the skin to the next stage of treatment so that its use is slightly different from the toner in general. Korean women prefer to apply toner with a tap. Pour enough toner into hand and gently poke it on the face. When the toner is more fluid, they spray it into the face and then just gently tapped. In addition to the preparation to the next stage of treatment, some of the toner that provides other benefits, such as soothing, enlightening, to even smoothing the skin texture.

  • Sleeping Pack

Not a moisturizer that fills a Korean ladies’ dresser, but a sleeping pack or sleeping mask. Sleeping packs are usually used to replace night cream every few days. So, this is not a mandatory product, but there is nothing wrong with adding this product in your dressing table. Many Korean women love to use sleeping packs because they have the added benefit of having serum that gives twice as good results as night cream. The use was slightly different from the night cream in general. Although both are shaped cream, sleeping pack should be cleaned immediately after waking up.