Best Over The Counter Acne Treatment


Before we tend to go, it’s extremely necessary that you just perceive however over-the-counter product work. This may considerably help you evaluate the most effective over the counter skin problem treatment for yourself. OTC skin problem product add alternative ways. Some aim at preventing pore obstructive, some fight micro organism on your skin, some decrease inflammation, and so on.

How a product can affect your skin problem is extremely obsessed on the active ingredient(s) employed in it. Acne product add alternative ways, reckoning on their active ingredients. Some over-the-counter skin problem product work by killing the micro organism that cause skin problem inflammation. Others take away excess oil from the skin or speed up the expansion of recent skin cells and (omit) the removal of dead skin cells. Some skin problem product do a mix of those things.

Here are common active ingredients found in over-the-counter skin problem product and the way they work to treat skin problem.

  1. (Benzoyl peroxide) This ingredient kills the micro organism that cause skin problem, helps take away excess oil from the skin and removes dead skin cells, which may clog pores. Over-the-counter peroxide product are on the market in strengths from two.5 to ten %. Doable aspect effects embody dry skin, scaling, redness, burning and stinging, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Watch out once applying peroxide, because it will bleach hair and covering.
  2. (Salicylic acid) This ingredient helps forestall pores from changing into blocked. Over-the-counter 2-hydroxybenzoic acid product are on the market in strengths from zero.5 five|to five} %. Doable aspect effects embody gentle stinging and skin irritation.
  3. (Alpha chemical group acids) 2 varieties of alpha chemical group acids that are employed in prescription skin problem product are glycol’s acid and carboxylic acid. Alpha chemical group acids are artificial versions of acids derived from sugar-containing fruits. They treat skin problem by serving to get rid of dead skin cells and scale back inflammation. Alpha chemical group acids additionally stimulate the expansion of recent, sawder skin. This helps improve the looks of skin problem scars and provides the impression of smaller pores.
  4. (Sulfur) Sulfur take aways dead skin cells that clog pores and helps remove excess oil. It’s typically combined with alternative ingredients, like 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, peroxide or phenol.


Product containing sulfur could cause dry skin. And a few product have Associate in Nursing unpleasant odor. If you suffer Associate in Nursing hypersensitive reaction, it’s necessary that you just tell your doctor sooner as against later. You won’t be prescribed sulfur if handling an over sized, open wound. And it’s not right for infants, obviously. It will bring adverse affects to pregnant and breast-feeding women, and thus, they need to consult their doctor before mistreatment phenol based mostly over the counter skin problem treatments.