Best Makeup To Cover Acne


You do not have to sweat the thick makeup so that the acne is disguised. In fact, with any natural makeup acne can be covered completely. Want to know what tips can you try?

  1. Choose a beauty product that suits the condition of the skin, this is the first step so that acne does not increase.

Before you start using makeup, you must carefully choose the beauty or cosmetic products that will be used. If one choose, acne will only further spread. In fact, stains of acne scars bsia increasingly blackened and appear in advance because exposed to cosmetics that do not fit the skin condition. To anticipate, the need to find out what kind of facial skin.

If you are not sure of the type of skin you have and do not know what makeup brand is appropriate, you can buy small makeup tools. If you already fit then you can buy bigger ones. In fact, to be more safe again just use cosmetics from herbal ingredients so that more comfortable and minimize side effects.

  1. Foundation is the first thing that should be applied as a base of make up, portion not so thick not too thick.

Foundation is a makeup basics that must be applied for the first time. Choose the color of the foundation that is most similar to the color of your face. This is the key so that the end result of makeup is not excessive and can look natural. You can use your fingers or makeup sponge to flatten it. Apply evenly and do not get too thick yes, because it will affect the end result of your makeup.

  1. Confused how to remove stains scattered in advance? Apply Concelear evenly!

After wearing the foundation, then you can use concelear. Not only black spots but acne scars like pockmarks or even inflamed pimples can also be closed perfectly. However, make sure you choose the appropriate concelear skin condition yes. If you have a dry face then choose a liquid type concelear, while for oily face can use mineral-based concelear.

  1. Use a powder that matches the skin color of the face, so that the makeup does not seem excessive.

The use of powder will make the concelear application more perfect and not easily fade. If you still have an inflamed pimple now, you should choose a powder to help oil absorption. If you are daring to use solid powder, then the acne will be more severe because it has more oil content. Brush the powder evenly and thinly on the face and neck for maximum results.

  1. Blush on is able to make the face more blushing, but actually this is dangerous for acne in advance.

Indeed to make the face look flushed and perfect, you need a blush on both cheeks. In fact, the actual use of blush on it will aggravate the presence of acne on the face. In addition, which can make acne more severe is the use of makeup tools such as bronzer.

This is because the bronzer has a particle of light that can clog pores. So it’s better to avoid the second pellet make up tools above yes, so that inflamed acne is getting worse.

  1. The final step spray spray throughout the face surface, this simple technique makes your natural makeup last longer.

In addition to the use of foundation, concelear, and powder you also need to use spray as a last resort. Spraying the spray on the face end will make acne that has been covered make up so more durable because of freshness awake. Because if the makeup quickly faded, then the acne scars on the face will also start to appear.