Best Korean Skin Care Products


South Korea is not only known as K-Pop, but also through the beauty industry. In fact, in South Korea there are various beauty clinics that provide facilities for plastic surgery. This is what makes in South Korea also has many manufacturers of beauty products such as cosmetics with the best quality. Want to know what Korean cosmetics are.

  • SU: M37

SU: M37 is one of the most popular beauty products and top 10 best Korean cosmetics in 2016 and 2017. This is because of the natural content contained in the product. In addition, this cosmetic product makes the use of the skin look more secure. Moreover, the content of this product consists of various fermentation materials to micro-organisms that make skin easier to breathe. SU: M37 is included in premium product because its price is quite expensive.

  • Missha

Missha became a Korean beauty product offering cheap price with excellent quality. In fact, these beauty products are often compared to the quality offered by SK-II. The materials offered are also free from mercury so it is very safe to use in a long time. Always remember that the use of this product is always tailored to the condition of your skin well.

  • Whoo

Whoo has been popular enough known by users of beauty products in Asia. This is because the quality of this product also carries the concept of premium. Support combination of traditional materials with modern make Whoo can be used for various types and character of skin. Moreover, the price is set for this product is also quite affordable. Curious to try it, is not it?

  • Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo became part of the best Korean cosmetics today because it carries the concept of premium. The packaging that looks very luxurious with the dominance of gold will be adjusted with all natural ingredients used. Ginseng is the main ingredient that provides important benefits for the skin of this product. This product is intended for adults with age limit 30 years and above.

  • Innisfree

Innisfree is also included in one of Korea’s beauty products offering natural ingredients. The first known product in the year 2000 has been marketed in several major countries in Asia, including Indonesia. The main ingredients of this product include organic and free from mercury or other hazardous materials.

  • Etude House

Etude House is known as one of the beauty product manufacturers that offer many of the best variants. Etude targets young people with products tailored to many skin types. This product is marketed through outlets opened in many shopping centers, including in Indonesia. This is done to facilitate the users get the product.

  • Laneige

Laneige is part of Amore Pacific offering beauty products of the highest quality. In addition, this product is targeting the middle class and the adult age. So the price offered is not too cheap but also not too expensive. The packaging of Laneige’s products also looks more elegant.

  • Mamonde

Mamonde is a beauty product that prioritizes on facial skin care. Manufacturers of these beauty products reveal that all ingredients used are very safe for the skin and do not contain harmful ingredients. In fact, Mamonde can also be used in a long time for many skin characters.

  • Nature Republic

Nature Republic became Korea’s top best cosmetics today. This product brings a concept similar to The Face Shop. In addition, the price offered is also cheaper. However, keep in mind that the use of this beauty product should be tailored to your skin’s character.