Best Facial Cleanser For Acne Prone Skin


To clean the face of the face is sometimes quite tricky yes, not to mention for fear of using a product that actually aggravates the condition of acne skin, so it rarely raises questions for women, how the hell treat acne skin conditions appropriately? What cleansing products are suitable for acne prone skin? Cream, gel, or foam kah? If you are still hesitant to choose which cleanser is right for acne prone skin, dr. Juliana Yu from House of Skinovation will help explain more about acne and how to choose and treat your acne skin.

What are the main causes of acne breakouts?

Acne skin initially occurs due to inflammation or better known as the term ‘inflammation’ on the skin of acne. Stress is one of the main factors causing acne, in addition to the imbalance in the hormone cortisol and adrenaline hormones that play a role in the oil glands that make skin reproduce excessive oil resulting in the beginning of acne.

What is the difference between regular acne and hormonal acne?

Acne has a wide variety of categories, some are called regular acne which for example is caused by a factor of dust, weather, food or on the use of the wrong product. However, acne is often associated with hormonal factors, especially when women experience menstruation. It turns out that not all hormones that are unbalanced can cause acne, one of them for the owner of dry skin types that rarely have skin problems such as acne. So, acne can arise from various factors as well as depending on your skin type.


Is squeezing acne can help get rid of acne faster?

The act of squeezing or extraction can be done depending on the condition of acne and inflammation. Not all acne is squeezed and lifted can gradually get better, or just the opposite may even spread to the surface of other faces to become more. Maybe, there are doctors who suggest that acne does not need to be squeezed or left alone, but dr. Juliana Yu talking, this could be wrong, why? If the acne comes from blackheads or clogged follicles due to the presence of dust that is buried on the surface of the face, then when it is about to be extraction process, the surface of the face will become perforated because of acne that has been left in the long term. If you want to do the extraction process is also needed soothing or cooling process such as the use of toner on the part of the acne.

Myth or fact, that the condition of skin that is acne should not do eksfoliasi? And is it true, just by frequent cleansing of the face will be spared from skin problems like acne?

There are good exfoliation types to do every day, some are not. If the condition of acne is not too severe, you may do eksfoliasi however, areas that have acne must be bypassed. After doing eksfoliasi, you should immediately use toner or balancing toner that serves to re-normalize the skin.

Of the many types of cleanser available, which one is best suited for acne prone skin?

Facial cleansers have many types and variants, consisting of lotions, cleansing milk, and which have a texture of foam, gel, or cream. For those of you who have acne prone conditions, you can choose gel-textured cleanser that has more cooling and purifying properties.

What content should there be and should be avoided in cleanser for acne prone skin?

The content that should be avoided for acne prone skin is lanolin. What is lanolin? Lanolin is a content that is thick and moisturizing, so for acne prone skin is advised not to use products made from cream like this.

Is there a method of cleaning makeup and washing the face most appropriate for acne prone skin?

dr. Juliana Yu recommends not to directly use foaming gel during the process of cleaning the rest of the makeup on your face. It needs double cleansing or 2x facial cleansing. First, lift the rest of the makeup, second to lift the oil and dirt left behind. For the first step, you can use cleansing lotion / milk first according to skin condition, then proceed with foaming gel.

Does a tool such as a brush / rotary brush still be used during the cleansing process for acne prone skin?

For acne prone skin, you may do deep cleansing by using rotary brush that can be done once a week, in addition to speeding the recovery process also lifts dead skin cells. However, with a note if the condition is very severe acne or red facial skin out, it is advisable to avoid the deep cleansing process.