Best Acne Body Wash


Best Acne Body Wash-Acne not only arise on the face, but can also in other body parts, especially the back and upper arms. One way to solve this problem is to cleanse the body with the right soap. Here are five soaps to get rid of facial and body acne. These five products can be found in Century, Guardian and Watson and other beauty shops.

  • Erasul

Erasul soap cleans the pores up into the skin. Sulfur-containing soaps are formulated by dermatology for oily and acne skin. This soap does not smell sulfur that sting and can be used everyday.

  • T3 Acne Body Wash

Liquid soap for this body can overcome and prevent acne. The content of its bacterial agent formula is able to kill the bacteria that cause acne. T3 Acne Body Wash contains tea tree oil that makes skin smooth and acne-free.

  • Sebamed

Facial soap with brand Sebamed effectively cares for sensitive skin. Its content against acne-causing bacteria. With a noraml PH 5.5 will not cause dry skin but is capable of removing excess oil perfectly. Sebamed Antibacterial Cleansing Foam.

  • JF Sulfur

JF Sulfur treats acne and body skin. The content of biosulfur, a natural active substance capable of cleaning the pores of the dirt that causes jerwat.

  • Deo Sulfur

Another sulfur soap you can try is Deo Sulfur. Body soap for this body works to reduce acne. In addition to fighting bacteria, this soap is also a deodorant that can overcome the unpleasant aroma in the body. This soap does not make the skin dry because it contains moisturizer.