Adult Acne Home Remedies


Adult Acne Home Remedies Who the hell who never experienced spotty or feel our special moment was not confident because there is a pimple on our face? This little guy is very annoying because the emergence is on our face. Let’s review this annoying acne problem and how to treat it.

The meaning of the definition / definition of acne
Acne is an abnormal skin condition in which infections and inflammation occur in the oil on human skin. Acne form is not eye-catching, disturbing and make us not confident in public. Acne was also sometimes painful if touched so that we want to recover from serngan jewarat. Acne should not be taken for granted so as not to become severe.

The source of the cause of acne disease on the skin
Acne can usually arise and occur due to things like:

  • The presence of blockage of dead skin layer on the pores that are infected.
  • Oil glands that are produced too much.
  • Due to genetic factors derived parent.
  • Hormonal factors such as at puberty tread young.
  • The presence of skin irritation.
  • Stress lifestyle.
  • Pill, etc.

Usually oil and dead skin layers that are not cleaned will clog pores and form blackheads. Comedy can become inflamed if it is contaminated with bacteria propionibacterium acnes or p acnes. Inflammation that is called acne. Each person has their respective resistance to the bacteria p acnes. Acne can not only appear on the face but also other parts such as back, chest, arms, legs, buttocks, etc.

Tips on how to clean and heal facial acne:


Diligent to clean face / face
Treat our faces as best we can by keeping them clean. Recognize our skin type before choosing soap and facial cleanser. Frequent cleansing of the face will be very good at first after traveling to dirty dust and pollution. If there are extra funds do not hesitate to facial.

For facial cleanser it is better to choose a special soap for facial skin and then followed by lotion / facial cleanser with normal PH / PH balanced in order to lift the dirt face and oil attached tightly. Compared to cotton, the rag will be much better in terms of cleaning the dirt that menypbat facial skin pores.

Acne is adorable and embarrassing. But we must still respond to jrawat with a cold and strong head. Never massage or squeeze pimples so as not to get dirt and germs that stick in our hands and acne is not infection. Let the acne break itself. Acne can be more severe if not addressed and addressed properly.

Healthy lifestyle
Eat nutritious and not excessive foods, especially foods that contain lots of oils, many preservatives, flavors strong, spicy, and so on. Avoid foods and drinks that contain lots of fat and cholesterol and foods that can trigger acne like cheese, full cream milk, fried foods, etc.

Regular exercise, do not stay up, do not smoke, do not consume drugs, etc. to help our body still have a good and maximum body defense. Avoid free radical substances that can be found everywhere and block the effects of free radicals by drinking tea or other antioxidants.

Treat acne that does not go away to a dermatologist
If the acne continues to stubbornly do not want to disappear after doing the various treatments alone, then we should consult with a dermatologist to discuss acne that we have. Doctors will help eliminate acne and minimize the formation of black spot spots on the face of acne scars.

Usually doctors will give antobiotic drugs if our acne is inflamed and fester. Follow the doctor’s instructions well so that antibiotics do not even make the acne germs become resistant to drugs. Do not use acne medication carelessly because it can aggravate the state of acne.