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Skin is the outermost layer of the human body that serves as both a protector and the sense of touch. The skin is also very sensitive to weather changes so the skin is also useful for maintaining body temperature. Because its function is important not too skin should also get more care. It aims to optimize the function of the skin as a protector. Skin problems especially the skin of the face taklepa from the so-called acne. Acne is a small bump that grows on the surface of the skin. Actually, acne is very common in every person, only the difference is the level of severe or not in the skin. Origin is prevented and given proper care acne facial skin can heal without leaving scars. The process of the occurrence of acne on the skin begins from the production of oil glands, oil glands are tasked to moisturize the skin so as not to dry. Given the dry skin accelerates the process of wrinkling the skin.

Yet another case if the oil gland production is too excessive then the existing skin will become very oily once. Well, this oily skin is plastered with dust flying in the air after that the pores in the face so closed. In a short time, acne can appear on the skin surface. When you are aware of acne on the skin you should touch it to touch it and squeeze it. Acne squeeze is not good because it will lead to the emergence of infection if not infection will leave a pockmark on the face. Pockmarks can lower your confidence because facial skin becomes not beautiful to look at. Well, here you will also be taught how to make the face is not too oily, the first step choose a facial cleanser that is recommended for oily skin if you can before buying facial cleanser products see the packaging and note there is writing dermatology tested. If there is, feel free to buy it because it indicates the product has been tested before. Second, avoid foods that can stimulate the production of oil glands in excess. Examples of food are beans, fried and chocolate.

Benefits of Acnes Acne Medication
One product that has been known to overcome acne is a product acnes. A review of acne acne types will be discussed after explaining the benefits of using this product. Well, here are the benefits of acnes acne medications are:

  1. Acne skin cleanser
    Products from acnes vary and are useful for recommended facial cleansers for acne prone skin. Just like other facial cleansers, skin cleansers for acne face have sallicylid acid content that is useful to overcome acne. Because treatment for acne prone skin requires special cleansing so that this skin problem can be resolved soon.
  2. Kill the acne bacteria
    Acne-causing acne vulgaris bacteria that became the factor of the onset of acne on the face. These bacteria can also make the number of acne on the face become numerous because it thrives. Kandunga in acnes acne remedy is able to kill acne caused by bacteria by killing the bacteria development on facial skin. The result of acne will soon heal if you routinely use acnes acne medication
    Erawat in normal circumstances red while in the inflamed state will be more red again. Acne is inflamed can be caused by squeezing pimples or not clean the face, the result is very red pimple on the face. Sometimes the red color on the acne is quite disturbing appearance. This makes you try to cover it with makeup. For example by using a thick foundation to disguise the red hue from acne.
    And if the face is acne you can not use thick makeup let alone cover up the pores, because this will result in your face increasingly overgrown with acne. It’s good to do acnes acnes medication to reduce red color. With regular smear it is guaranteed red pimples you will be lost because acnes acne medication is also beneficial as well as for the healing process.
  3. Reduce excess oil
    The oil on the face every day is always produced by oil glands. Oil glands in the skin are duty to moisturize the skin of waja. But the problem is excessive oil production can cause blackheads and acne. This skin problem is common in people with oily skin types. In general, the skin type of each person is different, here is his explanation:
    Normal skin type is a skin type that is safe from skin problems.
    *Oily skin type is a type of skin that has problems with excess oil on the face. Skin problems that appear diverse ranging from blackheads and acne.
    *Dry skin types are skin that tends to easily scaly and easy also to wrinkle because dry skin.
    *Combination skin type where the oily area only the forehead and nose only, while other parts such as cheeks and chin tend to be normal.
    From the type of skin type above by knowing the type of skin you can choose the products that match the skin type. Acne acne medicine is suitable for oily skin because it can reduce excess oil on the face. With the limitation of oil production in the face then the presence of acne and blackheads can be overcome well as well.
  4. Eliminate the dust that sticks on the face
    Every day we are dealing with dust ranging from indoor to outside the room. But the dust outside the room more than outdoors. Dust can stick to any part including face, shirt and wall. When mopping on the face of dust can lead to clogged pores in the face. As a result pimples appear on the face. The way to remove the dust is to rinse the face using a facial cleanser. Eliminating dust can also be done by using acnes products. This acnes product has been reliably able to remove the dust until thoroughly so that the pores on the face no longer clogged.
  5. Softens facial skin
    Acnes acne medication has vitamin C and vitamin E in it. Both of these vitamins are very good for the skin because these vitamins are able to soften the skin and enlighten it. Today who does not want to have soft and smooth skin is free from various skin problems. Every woman wants a skin like that and to get it would require a process that is not for a moment. All takes time for optimal results. That’s why recombined using these acnes products especially acnes acne remedy can make skin supple, smooth and soft as baby skin. Not only from the outside but the treatment from the inside is also very necessary. As with the care of drinking enough water, exercise and consumption of fruits and vegetables becomes a mandatory agenda that you can do. So if you are interested to try acnes acne cure this is not a problem at all. You can get this product in minimarket or in pharmacies because this product has many exist in various place.
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